Cancellation and Refund

You may cancel an order prior to processing and/or shipping. You will be not charged a cancellation fee. Any shipped parcel cannot be returned and shipping costs will not be refunded.
The sender is solely and fully responsible for the violation of any laws, rules and regulations concerning the contents of the air parcel. We will not reimburse the sender with the shipping cost if the parcel is returned. In addition, the sender will be charged the shipping price if we have to ship the parcel back to the sender. We will notify you if any of delivered to us parcel is demaged and needs to be repacked or returned to you. If parcel arrives to the recipient damaged due to shipping, inform the carrier if possible and you must inform us within 5 days of parcel arriving. Keep all packing materials and merchandises as they arrived. Please notify us as soon as possible regarding any cancellations or changes.

Customers who have questions about the Refund / Cancellation Policy should call Bosmix LLC at 781- 519-4244 or e-mail us at